(i) Schools
The Board runs an English Medium School on CBSE pattern for boys and girls from poor families and belonging to weaker category of the society. It was started in the year 2010 from Class Nursery, LKG and UKG and one class is being added each year resulted into addition of Class III during the year under report. Total 184 students were enrolled . Free Education , Books and Uniforms are provided to the students . Teaching and non-teaching staff has been provided on contract basis.

(ii) School Management Committee
Periodical meetings of the School Management Committee were held . Imprest of Rs . 5,0001- was granted to the Principal to incur expenditure on petty and emergent works for smooth running of the school.

(iii) Vocational Training
Vocational Training Centre is being run by the Board , which provides free 06 month training in Stitching , Embroidery and Beautician trades for school drop out girls and women from poor families.

(iv) Promotion of Education
Door to door survey and public announcement in the Cantonment area was done to encourage education among poor 1 backward families .

(v) Any other initiative to promote education
The School is meant for students belonging to the poor 1 weaker section of the society and free Education, Books and Uniforms are being provided to the students every year.